• Conference Call Pro


As Host – what should I do?

Before the meeting, inform your participants of the following:

  • Date / time of meeting
  • Participants code
  • Meeting phone number

At the time of the meeting – follow these instructions:


  1. Call the selected session number
  2. Enter your personal Host PIN code and press #

The meeting is now open for your participants


  • Call the forwarded dial-in number
  • Enter the participant PIN code and press #

If the meeting has not yet started, the conference participants will hear music and be put on hold. When the host opens the conference, participants will be automatically connected to the meeting.

Conference participants can mute/un-mute their phone by pressing *6. This option is recommended in case of distracting background noise.

Host keypad menu

The following meeting options are available from your phone’s keypad:

During your call everyone can

Press *0: Call an operator (In call support)
Press *4: Adjust the call volume
Press *6: Mute/unmute your own line

As conference host you can

Press #1: Perform roll call of attendees
Press #2: Count number of attendees
Press *2: Stop audio message
Press *5: Lock/unlock call for privacy
Press *7: Mute/unmute all participants
Press #7: Record conference (follow prompts)

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