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Telefonmøders Dial-in numbers

Telefonmøder offers many dial-in numbers. The dial-in number you use affects the way your conference will be charged and perhaps the overall cost of your conference. The different dial-in numbers ensure large cost savings for international participants. Telefonmøder offers international dial-in numbers in more than 60 countries. In Denmark telefonmøder offers various options for charging, depending on whether the participants use 70-, 80- or 90-Dial-in numbers. All combinations of dial in numbers can be used in the same conference. It will always be the Host- and Participant-Pin that will determine which conference you are attending.

70-Dial-in numbers

For meetings in Denmark, you may use the dial-in number 70151585 to get a Danish menu, or dial-in number 70151595 to get the menu in English. Larger organizations have the opportunity to get their own 70-dial-in number with a customized menu. When using a 70-dial-in-number the Host of the conference is charged for the actual conference while the participants are charged a their normal local fee for the call.

80-dial-in numbers

The 80 dial-in number 80401018 is a “no charge” number. The participants are not charged for this conference, as the Host pays for the entire conference (*).

90-dial-in numbers

When using dial-in number 90920000 the participants are charged a fixed amount per minute, depending which operator the participant is using (**).

International dial-in numbers

If you frequently arrange conference calls with participants from other countries it can be an advantage to use our international Dial-in numbers. The advantage by using these international dial-in numbers is that international participants only pay local fees. Access these numbers by logging into your personal Customer Portal.

(*) As a Host of the conference you will be charged an extra fee of 1 DKK pr. minute/ participant.

(**) Price pr. minute/participant (ex. vat) depends on which mobile or landline operator being using. E.g. is the fee at TDC landline and mobile 1,30 DKK pr. minute/ participant. Fee may vary between the different operators.

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