Easy joining with our Outlook Plugin

There is no need to go searching for dial-in-details every time you are hosting a conference. You can invite participants quickly and accurately with our Outlook Plugin. With just one click all relevant conference details will automatically be added to your calendar Invite.

Why use Outlook Plugin?

  • You can easily invite participants to your conference using our free Outlook Plugin. All relevant conference details such as dial-in numbers and pins will automatically be added to your calendar invite and your participants will have everything they need for joining your conference
  • If you are hosting a conference with international participants you do not have to spend time finding the relevant international dial-in numbers
  • When opening the invitation on you smartphone you can connect to the conference using just one click as the invitation contain smart links, which makes the phone dial the number and automatically enter the participant-pin
  • The invitation will also contain a link which your participants may use if they want to receive a call instead of dialling in to the conference, removing the need for entering pins and dial-in numbers
  • You can always be certain that all dial-in numbers are current

How it works

Use your participant- and host-pin to enter your online customer area. Select ’Apps & Downloads’ and press ‘Download App’ next to Outlook Plugin. When you have downloaded our Outlook Plugin you may start inviting participants using Outlook.

Read our easy step-by-step guide for installing and using the Outlook Plugin here.

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