How to manage your Conferences

You can manage your conference calls in different ways as needed. No matter how you manage your conference, you may want to add ‘Telefonmøder’ as a contact in your phone, as you quickly and easily can dial in to your conferences. How does it work?

Use Online Conference Control

Locate “Login” at the top of this page and log into your Online Customer Area using your host and participant pin.  To access online conference control select “Monitor Call Online” in the toolbar on the left hand side. Now you are ready to go! While the call is in progress, you can monitor the conference online and access the following features:

  • View participants in the conference
  • Mute individual and all participants
  • Dial in additional participants
  • Lock conference room
  • Record conference
  • Allow Q/A sessions
  • Ask for operator assistance (customer support)
  • Send a private message to selected participants through chat
  • Share your screen with participants (using Glance)

Use your Phone’s Keypad

If you are participant of the conference, you may:

Press *0: Call an operator (Customer support)
Press *4: Adjust the call volume
Press *6: Mute/unmute the line

If you are Host of the conference, you may:

Press #1: Perform roll call of attendees
Press #2: Count number of attendees
Press *2: Stop audio message
Press *5: Lock/unlock call for privacy
Press *7: Mute/unmute all participants
Press #7: Record conference (follow prompts)

Use our App

You also have the opportunity to control your conference with our App. The App “Meetingzone” is free and available in iTunes App Store.

Give us a call

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.