Use Online Conference Control for professional Meetings

Whenever possible, we recommend you to use Online customer area for your conference control, since you as the host will be able to control your conferences much more effectively. To access your online customer area locate ‘Login‘ at the top of this page and log into your online customer area using your participant pin and Host-pin.

Before the Conference Call

When you prepare for your conference call, you have many options in your online customer area. If this is your first conference, it is important that you complete your conference options as needed. It is also important to continuously update your conference options, so they are suitable for your next conference call.
Save link on your desktop
– You can create a link to your desktop, which makes it easier for you to access your online customer area. On the ‘My Page’ under ‘Tools’ in the left column, press ‘Save link on your desktop’.
Invite your participants by sms, email or calendar
You can do this directly through your online customer area. You can also download our Outlook Plugin, where you can send meeting invitations via Outlook, which automatically contains relevant information for your conference attendees, e.g. participant code and phone number (s) relevant for participating in the meeting. On the My Page you can choose how you want to invite your participants. During the ‘Invite participants’ you can choose SMS, email or calendar. If you want to invite your participants through Outlook, you can download our Outlook Plugin under “Download”‘.
Meeting Announcements by participant arrival / departure, you can choose to e.g.:
– Play a tone when the participants arrive or leave the conference.
– Participant’s name is announced when the participant arrives or leaves the meeting. The name is recorded by the participant upon entry.
– Silent arrival and departure. This may be particularly beneficial for meetings with many participants. Find ‘Conference Options’ under ‘My account’ at the top right corner of the customer area.

Do you need online presentation related to your conference call?
You can download our screen sharing program “Glance” in your online customer area under “Download”. Here you will also find the userguide. If you can not find Glance under ‘Tools’ on ‘My Page’ in the customer area, you will have to contact our customer service, as Glance might not be enabled on your account. Contact our Customer Service at (+45) 70301011 or and we’ll make sure that the screen sharing program is activated as soon as possible.
International participants?
If you as the host has international participants, you can find the international numbers on your online customer area. If you use our outlook plugin for convening meetings, your selected numbers can be automatically included in the meeting request.

During the Conference Call

During the conference, you as a host can take full control and gain a good overview of the meeting through the online conference monitor ‘Conference Control’.
Watch the conference online
Once you are logged in to your online customer area, you can monitor the call online from any device. Besides getting a good overview of your participants, it also gives you easy access to the following functions:

– See who is attending the conference
– Record the meeting, so you can download or listen to the audio file later
– ‘Mute/unmute’ all or individual participants
– Lock the conference when you do not want more people to join, which provides greater security
– Hold “question / answer” sessions
– Polling
– Dial in and connect new participants to the conference
– Ending the call for all or individual participants
– Follow the conference start time, duration and number of participants

Find ‘Monitor call online’ under ‘Tools’ on ‘My Page’.

After the Conference Call

You can always review your previous conference calls on your online customer area.
Download audio files from your phone conference
– If you recorded your conference call, you can download the audio file, under ‘All recordings’.
See your previous conference calls
– Your online customer portal allows you to view the duration and cost of all your previous conference calls. You can also get an overview of each conference separately. You can for example see who attended the conference and how much it cost. On the ‘My Page’ under ‘Activity’ you can view your previous conference calls.

Give us a call

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.