Are your conference calls secure?

Most people understand the importance of corporate IT and data security. Data is protected by encryption, daily back-up and security policies. But what about security when it comes to conference calls, which often contains sensitive information? Many companies have no policy in this area and are not aware of the risk of using conferencing services with little or no security.

We take security very seriously and we serve a large number of private and public organizations that expect and require that their employees are able to host conference calls without any risk of unauthorized access. Furthermore all your calls are documented, which allow access to see who have participated in an certain call.

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Your company’s security is supported in many ways:

      • We use personal system-generated pin codes in order to secure against abuse of easy pin codes and duplicates of user generated pin codes
      • You can manage your conference call online, which allow you to see the number of participants in your meeting
      • As the host you have the option to disconnect any unwanted participants
      • You can lock your conference call when all participants have joined the conference call, so no one else can connect to the meeting
      • You can record your conference and later download the recording in the preferred file format. This enables you to use the recording for sharing or documentation
      • The system allows you to dial out and connect your participants. This ensures that uninvited persons do not dial in to the meeting
      • In your host account settings you can choose how you would like to be notified, when participants join your conference call
      • In the online customer area there is a history of all your conference calls from the past 6 months, including full details on who dialed in to you conference
      • Should there be the slightest risk of unauthorized use we can generate new pin codes for the individual host accounts

If you have further questions about security, please feel free to contact us.