Screen Share with Glance

Glance is a simple and easy screen sharing tool which allows you to share your computer screen live with up to 200 people. Glance provides a unique combination of sound (Conference Call) and image, as well as the option of sharing your screen and your applications. Your Host Pin gives you access to the screen sharing tool Glance. To download Glance and the user manual, follow these steps:

  1. Press “Log in”. Top of the page to the right
  2. Log in onto your costumer area with your participant and host PIN-code
  3. Press “Apps and Downloads” to the left under “My Account”
  4. Choose the progrem you would like to download by pressing “Download”

Want to know more?

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The advantages of using Glance:

  •  Screen sharing is an effective way to ensure even more effective conference calls
  •  You can share your screen and all the applications you use, with up to 200 participants at the same time
  •  You can pass control of your computer to one of the participants, allowing the participant to control the cursor and entering text from his own PC
  • Your participants can use any device which has a browser, such as PC, Mac, smartphones or tablets
  • All you need is a host-account at Telefonmøder and an internet connection to get started with downloading and using Glance
  • Glance is ideal for viewing PowerPoint presentations and similar documents