More efficient conferences

Conference Call Pro offers a wide range of benefits that support your everyday conferencing needs and help you increase the outcome of your meetings. You get a flexible conferencing solution, which gives you full control over your meetings as well as your spending.

Pay as you go

No subscriptions, no startup fees or hidden costs. You only pay for the usage, and you will receive a detailed monthly summary of all meetings held.

Online conference control

Your online customer area allows you access to online conference control, which can give you a much better overview of your meetings. Furthermore, it allows you access to the following features; online participant view, activate recording of your conference, Mute/unmute participants, allow Q&A sessions, and lock the conference, so no one else can connect to the meeting.

International participants

If you frequently arrange conference calls with participants from abroad it can be an advantage to use our international Dial-in numbers. The meeting can be set up anytime, anywhere – locally in more than 60 countries.


Conference Call Pro is the most secure conference solution. As a moderator you get your own personal system-generated pin codes, in order to secure against abuse. You can manage your conference call online, which gives you an overview of your participants, as well as locking the conference and even disconnecting potential unwanted participants.

Easy joining

You can invite participants quickly and accurately with our Outlook Plugin. With just one click, all relevant conference details will automatically be added to your calendar invite.

Screen sharing

Conference Call Pro provides you access to our screen sharing tool, which enables you to share your screen with more than 200 participants simultaneously. This allows you to view online presentations or share documents during the conference call. Read more about Screen Sharing here

Record your meeting

As moderator you can record all or part of your meeting, which allows you to forward the audio file to external partners or colleagues who were unable to attend the meeting.

Want to know more?

Give us a call or send us an email.

(+45) 70301011

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  • You will receive an e-mail with you conference pins and a userguide

  • Invite your participants and dial in when the meeting starts

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